What is an Android Phone?

The newest generation of mobile phones feature a brand new operating system that goes by the name Android. Developed by Android Inc. and Google, the Android operating system is revolutionary in that it allows open source development. While previous mobile phones had a very rigid development process for applications, phones built with the Android operating system allow anyone to create applications. These applications are available through the Android Market and can be downloaded directly from the handset. Many of these applications, unlike traditional mobile phone apps, are available for free or a very low price.

The first phone to feature the Android operating system was the HTC G1, which was released exclusively on the T-Mobile UK network. The T-Mobile G1, featured a full keyboard as well as a touch screen display. Android phones have become popular because unlike most other phones, which have very strict rules regarding access, they are easy to manipulate, parental controls android, even by a consumer who is not very tech savvy. Phones with older versions of Android can be upgraded and a quick internet search provides numerous instructional walk-throughs on how to do so.

Following the HTC G1, several other manufacturers released Android phones as well. HTC released the Magic, Hero, and the upcoming HTC Bravo and Nexus One handsets, with more handsets currently in development. HTC, a Korean company, has had a large hand in helping to market Android phones, and many of the commercials centered on the Android Operating System feature HTC phones. Motorola has also been backing the Android system, with the aptly named Droid phone as well as the Motorola DEXT.

Google, a newcomer to the mobile phone market and co-creator of the Android system, has released their own phone with the help of HTC. The Google phone, named the Google Nexus One, is optimized for the Android system and is available exclusively online. Another interesting feature of the Nexus One is that it can be purchased unlocked, so that it can be used with any carrier or even without a carrier, although you won’t be able to make phone calls without one. Like most Android phones, the Nexus One features a large screen and is touch sensitive. While the phone is top of the line, the retail price can be over £400 when shipping costs and customs fees are factored in. The Nexus One will soon be available on the Vodafone UK, with T-Mobile UK and 3 currently in talks to launch the handset as well.

If you’re thinking of purchasing an Android phone, it’s important to know what exactly Android can do for you. Luckily, an Android phone can do almost anything you want it to, short of doing your dishes, although it can help you find a new dishwasher. Many different apps come recommended, and include a media player to turn your phone into a fully fledged entertainment machine capable of both audio and video playback.

If you’re a person who is likely to get lost, a navigation app can be helpful. In addition to so many apps, you can also find apps to integrate your phone into your daily schedule. If you have a hard time remembering your shopping list, type it into your phone and certain programs will remind you, as well as display your list, when you arrive at the grocery store. The Android system and the phones that run it are powerful tools that allow users almost unlimited possibilities.