Use Your Android to the Full

This article deals with useful tips and tricks how to make your Android device to go into overdrive. Take into consideration that to apply all these changes you will have to update your device to the latest Android OS version – Android 5.0 Lollipop.

  1. Use additional tools for better multitasking. With help of Flynx app you will be able to open several pages simultaneously without closing your current page. All you have to do is to click the bubble that appears on the upper side of the screen. Link Bubble browser can also serve as a time saver, though, it works not as efficient as Flynx.
  2. Use Trusted places feature. Lollipop allows the owner of the Android device to avoid endless unlocking of the screen. Just add your home to a Trusted places through Security settings and you won’t have to enter your PIN or pass code each time you unlock your screen.
  3. Believe it, or not, but you can plug a mouse into your device! Use the USB adapter to plug it and you will see the cursor on the screen of your phone. More than that, this method also woks with a PC keyboard!
  4. How to save the battery charge? Main battery killers are Bluetooth, GPS and app synchronization so to endure the battery life turns them off. Next step, check the Battery settings to evaluate the battery usage by every app. Select the most energy-consuming and shut them. In the emergency situations, when your device is almost dying and you need to prolong its work for certain time, try to turn down screen brightness, turn off sounds and vibration.
  5. Use gestures. In the Accessibility section of Settings you can switch on Magnification gestures. After that you will be able to zoom in everything on the screen. Customize shortcuts on phone with help of other gestures.
  6. Use Android Device Manager to track the location of the lost or stolen device.
  7. Search through the Google Play for the apps that customize icons of your device – personalize your gadget.
  8. Try out Priority mode – only a few certain people will be able to call or text you during the time this mode is on.
  9. QR-code for password-free Wi-Fi sharing. Your friends will be able to get access to your Wi-Fi just by scanning a QR-code generated on the site.
  10. Use app launchers – they simplify your life greatly.
  11. Redirect all calls from people you have enough of. Select all calls to voicemail in the person’s contact.
  12. There is no need to use Sound Hound – Google can find out what song is playing. Ask Google What’s this song? And it will analyze the sound and show you the name of the song and the artist’s info.
  13. Protect your personal information with help of encryption. Select Security settings and find Encrypt phone position.
  14. Twilight app will help you to sleep. This app influences the blue light emission of the screen according to the sun cycle, helping your brain to get off.
  15. Use Pushbullet app to see the phone notifications on the PC screen