Breaking News on Smartphone Market: Galaxy S8, Google Pixel, and Nokia

The latest news in the smartphone industry stirred up a lot of gossips. A new Galaxy S8 release is coming up, unveiling more and more information about its new features. Google Pixel manufacturers aim to conquer the global smartphone market. And one more exciting news we have saved for the last.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Its Advances

Samsung smartphone lovers eagerly await the launch of the new flagship Galaxy S8, which is set to be released in 2017. Manufacturers decided to significantly improve the smartphone’s functionality to meet customers’ demands. According to the latest info, its memory will be increased to 6 GB. The internal storage expansion to 256 GB will allow phone owners to manage their daily tasks, discharging the battery slower.

Smartphones produced by Samsung Electronics are valued for their high-quality pictures. As to Galaxy S8, it’s reportedly to be equipped with new camera technology designed to boost the speed and accuracy of photos. The front-facing camera will have autofocus function. It is big news in today’s smartphone market, where a selfie cam with autofocus is still a rarity. Apart from having a better camera, a forthcoming flagship can boast its 5.5-inch full-HD Super AMOLED display with a 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160 pixels) resolution to be compatible with VR devices.

It is expected that Galaxy S8 will have an affordable price, which makes the smartphone even more anticipated.

Google Pixel Gaining Pace Steadily

It seems that Google will manage to bring its ambitious plans to life and sell 3-4 mln of Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones in Q4 2016. According to preliminary estimates, the company will earn almost $2 billion in three months. Current sales far exceed expectations. As it is seen from massive media coverage, critics speak highly of Google Pixel and Pixel XL devices. Next year, Google expects to sell 5-6 mln of their smartphones and generate up to $3,8 billion in revenue.

Pixel XL is distinguished by its unusual futuristic design. It has a fairly large size, powerful camera, and good functionality. The smartphone drew plenty of customers’ interest immediately after its official release. Despite the relatively high price, Pixel XL smartphones sell like hot cakes. However, they won’t be able to surpass iPhone selling according to Morgan Stanley report.

India is considered to become one of the target markets for selling Google Pixel phones. Analysts believe that new devices are going to take at least 10% of the local market of premium smartphones.

Nokia Is Here Again!

Have you forgotten about Nokia smartphones? You shouldn’t have. One of the most recognizable mobile phone brands is coming back to the market. Finnish company HMD officially confirmed in its press release that it is going to bring Nokia handsets back to customers. The smartphones will be running Android and will be compatible with a broad range of online services. Customer will be able to buy long-awaited devices in the first half of next year. The countdown has begun.

HMD intends to completely renew its product line and produce mobile phones, tablets, and even feature phones. All of these devices, as well as design elements, will be labeled with Nokia brand according to the rights obtained.

Apparently, a new chapter is going to start in the long Nokia’s story. Stay tuned to find out the latest news about this iconic phone brand and more. The most interesting part is yet to come!