Meet Two Brand New Android Features

Check out the updates in your phone’s settings – the very next update may bring you interesting new features that you may easily overlook because they belong to core system apps and are updated surreptitiously. The features we are talking about, are among future updates for Google Play Services app that any user oud like to take advantage of.

Instant Tethering

On the one hand, it is nearly impossible to find a person who has not heard of tethering – the ability to share a mobile data connection with other devices. However, new Android feature boosts its convenience to the next level. Generally speaking, from now on when you use Android device, and it tracks your other Android device without connection to the web, it will offer you to pair it so that it will get access to the Internet through your phone.

According to Google Product Manager Omri Amarilio, the whole process will be simple as it is. When you use a device without an Internet connection, it will scan the state of your phone, and if it has necessary access and battery power, you will get a possibility to switch on a hotspot mode on your phone without touching it. This feature will automatically turn off when the second device stops using the Internet.

Here is a fly in the ointment: at the moment, this feature is available on Google’s Pixel and Nexus handheld devices only. Also, proper operation of this feature requires Bluetooth to be enabled on both devices. Additionally, instant tethering will work on the devices with the same Google account. To check the availability of this feature on your gadget check out system settings – find Google section and look through subsections – there should be an option “Instant Tethering.”

Instant Apps

Despite the fact that this feature appears in a limited capacity, many users are waiting for it impatiently. As the name suggests, this feature allows users to manage apps without installing it to your own device. Thus, you can use it whenever you need and then close it – your device won’t reflect any changes connected with app usage. This feature can be used on any Android device so check your Google Settings to see whether there is an “Instant Apps” option. If there is one, you can turn it on and enjoy the possibilities of this new feature; however, do not expect too much from it.

The thing is that there are not so many apps that work with this feature. To check how it works you can try and test it with the help of a shopping app Wish and video streaming app Viki. BuzzFeed and Periscope are also included in the list of apps compatible with this feature. However, now they do not work as they should. The list of available apps is not as long as we wish it was because at the moment not many developers are involved in it. However, with the appearance of this feature on many devices, the number of such apps will obviously grow. All you will have to do to take advantage of it is search the app by the name, and if there is one, you will see the write-up ‘Instant’ at the name of the app.

Select the necessary app, use it without installation, close it after you’re done – easy as it is. It is really convenient for those apps that you use in rare situations.

Do not forget to check updates for your apps and take advantage of these handy features!