Learn How to Restore Deleted Data on Android

Let’s face it, everyone has at least once done it: deleted photos, files or videos accidentally. There is a possibility to restore the data, no matter if you are rooted or not, so it is too early to panic. In this case time is essential: it is crucial not to save something or switch the device off until you don’t attempt recovery. Make sure that you have turned off Wi-Fi and 3G/4G Internet connection so nothing would automatically update and rewrite data before you try to recover lost data.

The only way to lose data on Android – is not to try to get it back first.

How to recover data on the device that is not rooted?

(If you have no idea what does that rooting means – you are 99% not rooted)

Start with the obvious – check the Trash of the photos app, that stores files you have deleted.

Then you should connect your mobile device to the PC and run a file recovery app. Once problem has occurred with post-Ice Cream Sandwich versions of the Android. The OS ditched Mass Storage Protocol (it makes your storage look like flash drive). As a result, many recovery methods are not workable in that case. Though there is no need to worry as we have a solution to that too.

If your deleted files were stored on the memory card, use a Micro SD Card Adapter and check it with Recuva (recovering program).

Useful tip: usually all recovery programs require FAT32 or NFS formatting. Do a complete copy of the SD card, reformat it and paste the copied files back in case if your SD card is not recognizable by the recovery programs.

With Recuva it is necessary to select the type of recovering files and you can select the option of recovering files from certain location. Moreover, you can even try to set certain folder to search from. At first the program will show the location where it can recover files.

Take into consideration that it is advisable to save them not on your device first because sometimes it causes conflicts and stops the recovery. So it is essential to save them to the PC first and only after that return it to the device.