Google Play Store Errors and How to Fix Them

Google Play Store is just some fine and fun place to come to, isn’t it? With plenty of cool and useful stuff to find and use, Play Store is the main source of applications for most Android users.

But have you ever had to deal with this incredibly irritating situation? You come to Google Play Store to get new planner app or cool new game to keep you entertained while traveling, and when you try to download it you get some weird cryptic error that only says random numbers and no explanation? This can be frustrating, especially when looking for these error codes on the Internet does not offer any legit explanation and solution to the problem.

To help you with solving the task, we gladly provide you with some solutions to the most common Google Play Store errors! Hopefully, you will get the way to deal with the most irritating troubles and finally download those games you crave to play!


Google Play – Error DF-BPA-09 ‘Error Processing Purchase’

One of the biggest concerns with Google Play errors is the fact that trying once again almost never works. Error DF-BPA-09 often happens when you try to download an app, and the reason of its occurrence is in the Play Store itself rather than users or their devices.


Tap ‘Settings’ on your device and find ’Apps’/’Application Manager’ (the name varies depending on your device). Swipe to the ‘All’ column to find ‘Google Services Framework.’ There select ‘Clear data’ option for the Framework, and that should be it. If not, you can always come to Play Store via your PC and set the installation from the Web version.


Google Play Store – Error 497

This one deals with troubles updating the apps that are already installed. The error has several solutions.

#1. Clear the Play Store data. To do so, get to ‘Settings’, ‘Applications’. Choose ‘All’ and ‘Play Store’. You will be offered a chance to clear data and cache – do that and also uninstall the updates.

#2. Disabling SD card often helps. Tap to ‘Storage’ option in your ‘Settings’, and opt for ‘Unmount SD card’ – and voila!

#3. This one will work for rooted devices. To overcome the problem, you can simply reinstall the application. Apps like Root Explorer would offer you ‘Delete’ options. You can as well rename the troubling app to ensure you can revert in case any further troubles may occur.


Google Play – Error 495

495 stands for problems with either updating or downloading apps for Play Store, and the best solution would be deleting Play Store data from your Android-based device. Find ‘Google Play Store’ in the list of ‘All’ apps you launch from ‘Settings’ and delete all the data. Do the same for ‘Google Services Framework’ as well – just to be completely sure you did everything you could.

Keep in mind – the steps mentioned above would assign your device a new Google ID so your apps might act weird for some time. Be sure to remove your Google account – you will add it once again after rebooting the device.


Google Play – Error 403

This problem often occurs if you use several accounts for one device, and it means the download is impossible/forbidden.

#1 Solution: Log in to the right account and go to Play Store to uninstall the questionable application. Afterwards, you can get the app once again.

#2 Solution: Erase the search history. You can do it directly from your Google Play Store by tapping on ‘Settings’.

#3 Solution: As the trouble comes from multiple accounts you will be surprised one of the solutions to it is creating a whole new, separate account and use it for Google Play. Upon being created, it will reinstall the troubling app – it should work just fine.

Surely, there are a lot more errors you might get at Google Play Store that we could not fit into this article. Hopefully, it would help you with the most common errors and your experience with Google Play will only be pleasing!