Google Play Services Consume too Much Battery of Handheld Device

Google Play Services is considered to be a battery vampire as there is a great number reports that state that consuming of battery in KitKat and Lollipop and on some devices is on the wrong side of common sense. In this article you will find some useful tips and steps to follow in order to solve this issue.

On the one hand, it is obvious that with time the ability of the battery to recharge disimproves. On the other, this process is gradual, so if your phone starts to discharge too fast, the reason is not in the hardware.

Google Play Services are one of the main possible reasons of discharging as many apps are aligned with Google: mail, maps, translator, ads to ad-based apps etc. Go to the Battery section in Settings and look through the list of the most battery consuming apps. Thus you will be able to find the perpetrator: to make sure that this is Google, compare the indexes with display consuming. If the service uses more energy than OS itself, then something has to be done,

What are the reasons of the excessive consuming of the battery?

One of the reasons of this can be in the number of your accounts. Play Services usually check the status of things and downloads something in the background and if there are several accounts on the phone, then it will check the location, notifications and download ads to every account.

If you use Google Play for a long period of time but battery drain started recently, it may be caused by the app that misuses Play Services. Try to use the device in the Safe Mode – if the problem is gone, blame the third party app that uses Google Play in a wrong way.

Sync errors сan also affect battery performance as Google will constantly try to synchronize local data with Google’ s servers. Try to remove account and add it again. Moreover, if the name of the conact contains emojis, most likely it will cause problems.

Task killer apps often provoke apps to start working again and as a result, the phone will work with glitches. To make sure that task killer is an initiator of all problems, disable it and keep track of battery consuming.

Security software is constantly on and they also it can also be a reason of dying battery. Disable it to make sure whether it is a culprit or not.