Mastering Your Android: Five Tips for Users to Learn

Android OS is great, but both new and experienced Android users know that sooner or later they will experience some tiresome shortcomings and drawbacks. However, uncovering some useful tips and tricks would make your Android user experience way smoother and easier.

We bring you five Android tips for smartphones that would help to increase your phone’s efficiency. Keep in mind that the names of options mentioned in the tips might be different from one device to another, so pay attention to your OS version and adapt the tips to your own phone.

Limiting the mobile data

If you constantly exceed your monthly data limit and want to control your data usage, Android has a feature for you. It would help you set a traffic quota and monitor the amount of gigabytes you’ve got left until the end of the month. Keep in mind that your carrier might be tracking data usage a bit differently than your smartphone.

You can find the ‘Data Usage’ in Settings and manipulate the orange line to set the monthly quota. After that, you can choose the dates when your month starts and ends to make it a data usage cycle.

Switching off the automatic updates for the apps

Numerous security issues and backdoor viruses made smartphone owners more cautious and attentive with apps and programs installed on their device. If you prefer to decide what updates to install and check all the apps permissions, switching off all automatic app updates would be the right thing for you to do.

This can be done from the Play Store – find the ‘Settings’ there and choose ‘Auto-update apps.’ This menu allows you to enable or disable automatic updates, as well as select the type of the Internet connection that would be used for the auto-update.

Once you have turned off the automatic updates, you can go and choose updates for the apps manually. Find ‘My apps’ in the Play Store and tap on each application to read through its policies and update it.

Adding several Google Accounts

Google account is a must-have for running an Android phone, but you are not limited to using just one on your smartphone. In case you have several accounts for the services Google provides, you can add multiple accounts to your smartphone.

Find ‘Add account’ in the Settings list, choose Google and add or create a new Google account right at this page. After the account is added to the list, you can sync any account information. You can repeat this step for as many accounts as you have.

Creating folder shortcuts for home screen

If you like clean and tidy home screen, you need a remedy for all the shortcuts from the apps you have installed.

Switching off the animations

Some Android users would complain about freezing and lags on their devices. There is a simple tip for making it work smoother: you could simply disable the Android animations. To do this, you should get access to Developer Options – it could be found in ‘About device’ or ‘Settings.’ If you don’t have access to Developer Options, you will need to tap on ‘Build number’ feature several times to get the proper access.

Among the Developer Options, you should find Window and transition animations, as well as Animator duration scale. Go and turn them off one by one.

Utilizing these tips should make your Android device run more stably and reliably if not seamlessly.