Android Productivity App Top Tenner

Handheld devices were created for different purposes like entertainment and working. Today smartphones can easily replace a desktop computer when it comes to typing documents, scheduling or sending emails. With their help, it is possible to work on the go, whenever and wherever you are – and some apps enhance the work productivity greatly (take, for example, this Android apps list). We’ve come up with our index of the most efficient applications that can lend you a helping hand in any working need you have:

CloudMagic Email

This free app gives you a dashboard where you can get access to all your email accounts and manage them. The app also offers many plugins including calendar events, and the user can log into his account through any Android device. For people who have to send many emails from different accounts, this app is a real salvation. Take into consideration that CloudMagic also offers in-app purchases for those who want to get additional functions.


This app is a must-have and must-know for anyone who uses a handheld device for working purposes. You can use it for free or choose one of the pre-paid plans ($24.99 or $49.99 per year) to get access to the premium features of the app. It works in the offline mode (for many users it is a crucial point), and you can make notes with attached lists, voice recording, texts, and images. There are literally dozens of features; to look them all through, install the app and use it on all cylinders. And another bonus: you can synchronize your account on all Android devices you have.

Google Drive suite

The combination of apps provided by Google Drive enables the user to store any kind of files in the Cloud and share them with anybody you want. In fact, with the help of this suite, you will be able to work with docs, slides, sheets, photos and slides, take notes and store them. The usage of the suite is free, though you can add some features to your toolbox with the help of the in-app purchases.


Manage other apps with IF. By using this app, you can program apps installed on your Android device to make certain things at a specified time – right when you need it. Spend some time organizing the work of your gadget and then forget about constant repeating of particular actions everyday as everything will be done for you by IF automatically.

Microsoft Apps

In fact, it is a mobile advisor by Microsoft: with this app, you can look through all apps that Microsoft offers on the Google Play Store: OneDrive, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Excel. Also, this app is cross-platform, so you can sync your Android and Windows devices.


A must-have app for those who have to work in teams a lot. You can create different channels for particular projects and add different people there, so what you say to them won’t be public knowledge. Also, with the help of Slack, you can send voice messages, make calls, share files without limits, store, and archive messages and files. It works on different platforms and provides various plug-ins to sites.

TeamViewer for Remote Control

Get the access to your desktop from your Android device – it is really handy in case if you forgot to upload something created on the computer to the cloud storage. Also, it gives you access to the desktop computers of your teammates so you can fix problems, search for files or help coworkers. Personal usage of the app is free of charge.

Today Calendar

A helpful and simple app that enables the user to create events with notes and schedule work. The app also provides widgets.


The app is user-friendly as the interface is intuitive and gives a possibility to use helpful features like recurring tasks, teamwork ability. Moreover, you can integrate Todoist with other productivity apps. The app is free, though you can extend its functionality for $28.99 per year.


It is a great task manager that helps you to schedule all your work with ease. The app creates so-called boards where you can collect all files that apply to the particular project. Trello supports Google Drive, Android Wear, and Dropbox.

Feel free to use our Android apps advice to boost your productivity and get the most out of your smartphone or tablet.