Android Features Anyone Should Use

There are so many tools and features of Android that sometimes we simply don’t know or forget about the most useful and interesting ones. Sometimes it is simply hard to find them without digging deep.

Now even if you think of yourself as of Android tech savvy user, you will be surprised by the features you had no idea about.

  • Android Device Manager will help you to get control over the lost phone. It will help you to track, ring, lock and wipe the device. Basically you will have a possibility to locate and ring the device, though if you want to be able to lock and wipe it, think about it in advance. Go to the Device Administration options and give the Android Device Manager admin status. You will be able to use any web browser to go to the manager page, log to the device and see the location of the phone.
  • Screen recording. On Android 5.0 Lollipop you have a possibility to record everything that happens on the screen and save it in a simple MP4 video file. All you need is an app that can be installed from the Play Store.
  • Fasten the animations with help of the hidden developers options menu (you can find in About – Software Information – More – Build number. Tap on the number and the message will appear that you are the developer). In the Developers options find the Drawing service and Window animation scale. Set the scales to 0.5x.
  • Secure the phone with help of SmartLock. You can set Trusted location or Trusted device or Trusted Face. In the last option, for example, the device will be locked without passwords if the app will capture your face in the frontal camera.
  • Control the data usage. The Data usage menu gives a possibility to receive a notification when you are close to your day limit.
  • Wi-Fi Direct will help you to transfer the files really quickly. This app acts like Bluetooth creating a connection between two devices with help of Wi-Fi.
  • Restrict background data. There is a possibility that the apps send or receive data without your knowledge on the background. Data Usage menu will help you to stop that.