Mastering Your Android: Five Tips for Users to Learn

Android OS is great, but both new and experienced Android users know that sooner or later they will experience some tiresome shortcomings and drawbacks. However, uncovering some useful tips and tricks would make your Android user experience way smoother and easier. We bring you five Android tips for smartphones that would help to increase your […]

Meet Two Brand New Android Features

Check out the updates in your phone’s settings – the very next update may bring you interesting new features that you may easily overlook because they belong to core system apps and are updated surreptitiously. The features we are talking about, are among future updates for Google Play Services app that any user oud like […]

Android Productivity App Top Tenner

Handheld devices were created for different purposes like entertainment and working. Today smartphones can easily replace a desktop computer when it comes to typing documents, scheduling or sending emails. With their help, it is possible to work on the go, whenever and wherever you are – and some apps enhance the work productivity greatly (take, […]